Friday, January 25, 2013

Jewelry Shop

I would like to move to a city where I'm unknown and open a jewelry shop. I would make it popular by having regular sales and enticing people to come like that, that'll probably work decently for me. It wouldn't be too major, of course, 5 or 10% off, but many stores do things like that. But wait, the plot will thicken!

Once I had about three employees, I would announce that on February 14th, Valentine's Day, I'd have a 95% off sale! People would come in to look, and I could estimate my potential earnings for that day.
February 13th, the day before, I'd make one of my employees dress as a criminal and I would be a police man. He would walk in, and with a pretend gun he would threaten people and hold up the place - make sure nobody called the actual police. I would then walk in with my pretend gun and say something along the lines of "LCPD, drop the bass!" And then another employee would start playing insane dubstep over the speakers, something along the lines of the picture on the left side of this text.
Anyway, the "robber" would drop dead, I would drag him out, people would go insane and I'd take my jewelry quickly and run, never to be seen again. I'd dirty them a bit and put them in a dusty box and sell them at one of those places that value your fancy things, here at home. What's the purpose? For the lolz.


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