Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where did my Winter Break disappear to?

My Winter break ended about two weeks ago, and that's unfortunate. I quite liked being able to do nothing - no worries or responsibilities! I hadn't felt that in a while. But unfortunately, I had quite a bad break.
I'm not ungrateful - Christmas truly does bring families together, and presents aren't an unwelcome addition - but I was sick for most of it!

So, Monday the 17th I wake up at 4:00 AM with a terrible stomachache. I use the bathroom, but it doesn't go away. So I alternate between suffering in my bed, trying to sleep, and just being in the bathroom. It was an unfortunate waste of two and a half hours, but by the time I have to start getting ready for school, I feel better. I'm tired and weak, but that's fine.
I can't imagine walking nearly a mile uphill to my bus stop, so I summon my dad and he drives me to school. That's one problem solved. And I just go through the day, laying on my desk when I can and such. When I come home, I go to sleep nearly right away, wake up five hours later, go to sleep, and get my regular amount of sleep again. All's good?
The next day, my throat hurts. To swallow, or just doing nothing. I have this for nearly the entire break, and at some points can barely speak because of the pain it induces. I've had worse things before with the same symptoms that required antibiotics, but fortunately it kind of faded away by the end of the break.
At some point during the vacation, I developed a fever. I was cold all the time, and shortly after I developed something that made me constantly tired, as well as something else that made me cough terribly, especially when I moved. I spent a lot of my time watching YouTube on an iPod Touch because sitting up wasn't pleasant.
And I felt bad that I wasn't doing anything productive throughout the break, but I couldn't do anything. Oh, well. I genuinely wanted to get stuff done - personal web projects, mostly. I need to finish a social network and finish a photo gallery for my dad. But being able to get the actual recommended amount of sleep and not stressing over schoolwork was more than welcome, I suppose. I definitely do that a lot now.
But all this faded away by the time school started. That's good - didn't miss any school! Even though it probably would've been a good idea on Monday - I was so tired.
But, ahem, how was your winter? Productive, fun? If anyone still reads this blog, comment a brief summary. :)
Right now it's just so cold. If it's going to bother being this cold and freezing the path along the road all the way to my bus stop, it might as well snow. There's been very light snow occasionally, but nothing significant. That's unfortunate - that's one of the only things I like about winter. //andrey

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