Sunday, February 10, 2013


8,000 page view is probably something to celebrate. So I am.
Right now it's actually a bit more, but let's not focus on the technicalities. The main reason for this is that I was upset because I realized that I haven't contributed anything major to society, and I became afraid of this post because I don't want to have to think about that. Well, that aside, let's go over what I have done - especially in terms of this blog. ;)

The summer of 2010 - life was easier then, I have to admit. Things are pretty easy for a while, but then it seems to ramp way up. At least for me. I didn't understand people who had erratic posting schedules because of homework, I thought it was their fault, and they did something wrong. Fortunately, I'm not an idiot now.
I played Wizard101 then. Now and then, I still want to. But I know without a membership, I can't do much. I've done all there is to do without paying and more. When I first joined, the Bazaar was a fairly new thing - they hadn't finished tinkering with it, and you could actually buy and sell Crowns items there. I was level ten, and I remember farming The Harvest Lord and selling what I got, then buying Crowns items I found in the Bazaar with the cheapest color settings. Hours of grinding went into those. I still have those items. Now, years later. But it was so cool to have Sprites in my boots and whatever else on other clothing items. I still think it's amazing, usually you can only get such things on wands or amulets.
I have a tenancy of remembering game details well, if you can't tell. :P
I went through a series of switching between games - I played ROBLOX for a bit, but returned to Wizard101 several times. I still think it's an amazing concept, and fairly well executed. A trading card game where the cards come to life! Call it magic! And so it was. They still haven't gotten the "trading" bit, but at this point it's a feature, not a bug. There are too many mechanics resting on that right now.
And at some point I started the blog. Yes, I thought I would be like the Friendly Necromancer and be famous. As of right now, he's close to two million page views. That was my sole purpose then - be famous.
And I played Wizard101, and it became difficult to pay for membership, and I played ROBLOX and other games. In the midst of all that I made a YouTube account.
Found Minecraft, played Minecraft, did that off and on for a while. Still on that off-on sort of thing today - when I'm addicted I'm addicted but when I'm not I hate it.
I built a PC, bought a few games, and am having fun as is. While all this was going on, I got into programming and done a few things. I made a website for a server I work on, I made a social network, I made things for friends. That's all fine and well, but I'm waiting until I do something truly amazing. I think I'm working on it now.
But either way, thanks for reading. Whether you do it consistently, or just pop in occasionally. Thanks. Really. :) //ghostmancer

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